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With MYOB Advisor, giving advice and scaling up your advisory services is easier than ever.

MYOB Advisor harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to translate data into written insights, revealing exactly what's happening in your client’s business and offering guidance on how to improve it.

  • Create management and advisory reports faster, without leaving your MYOB product.        
  • Easily customise the recommendations and add your expert advice.        
  • Cut the time you spend digging through data from hours to minutes.   



Get started

  1. Set up your user settings
  2. Set up your clients
  3. Prepare a report


System requirements

  • You can use the latest version of one of these supported internet browsers:
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Apple Safari
    • Internet Explorer
    • Microsoft Edge.
  • Your clients must have an MYOB Essentials business or an online MYOB AccountRight company file.
  • For AccountRight clients, make sure your company file user account is set up with the Administrator or Accountant/Bookkeeper role.