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One of the great things about MYOB Practice being an online, browser-based tool set is that you can enjoy all the usual features that come with your browser:

  • Tabbed browsing – Right-click a tab and duplicate it to compare pages side by side. Or right-click a link and select Open link in new tab.

  • Find your way back – Click your browser's back button to return to a previous page.

  • Keyboard shortcuts:
    • Cycle through items – Press Tab to highlight the next field, link or button on the page. Press Shift + Tab to highlight the previous item.
    • Jump straight to the right spot – Press Ctrl+F to find a specific search term. Particularly useful in long lists!
    • Take a closer look – Press Ctrl + or Ctrl - to zoom in or out on a page.
    • See Contacts or create more space – Press the square bracket ([) to show or hide the Contacts side menu. This one is an MYOB Practice shortcut, not a general browser shortcut.