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Do not delete this page - MYOB Practice and MYOB Academy navigate to it

Do you have staff members in your practice who you want to be able to use MYOB Practice? You can add staff members to MYOB Practice as users, then apply roles to users to control their access to certain features.

You need to be an MYOB Practice administrator to complete these setup steps. You can do these tasks at any time, but we suggest doing them after the administrator has set up clients and contacts.

  • Adding or removing users—Set up my.myob accounts for your staff and add the staff as users to MYOB Practice (only needed if you have MYOB Practice, or are an MYOB Partner, without MYOB AE/AO.)
  • Restricting user access to clientsRestrict MYOB Practice users from seeing certain clients in MYOB Practice.
  • Roles and permissions - AU | NZ—Restrict actions that you can perform in MYOB Practice to users that are assigned to certain roles.
  • Setting up and getting started with MYOB PracticeSee what else you need to know to get set up and started with MYOB Practice.