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You can restrict access to clients whose details and jobs you want to keep confidential. Only administrators and the selected staff members will be able to view or edit their details.

Example: Say you want to restrict a few clients to just one or two staff members for privacy purposes. You can select which staff members are allowed to access those clients. Nobody else will see the restricted clients in their Contact list, and won't have access to their portals or documents.

System requirements


You can set up client restrictions if:Prerequisites:How to set up restrictions:
you use MYOB AE You've activated Contacts Migration

Set up Team Security in your MYOB AE software. Those security settings will apply to your clients and staff in MYOB Practice.

Does your practice have more than one MYOB AE/AO database? If you restrict a client, they will be restricted in whichever database they have been added to in your practice.

you use MYOB AO (NZ)You've activated Contacts MigrationSet up Team Security in your MYOB AO software. Those security settings will apply to your clients and staff in MYOB Practice.
you're an MYOB Partner You don't use MYOB AE/AOYou can set up client restrictions in MYOB Practice (see below for instructions).

What can be restricted?

While staff who are Administrators will always have access to all clients, they can restrict what staff members with the General role can see and do.

Here's a list of what a General staff member will be unable to access for restricted clients.

Restricted information and activities
  If a staff member is restricted from accessing a client, they...
  • can't create advisory reports for the client's linked AccountRight or MYOB Essentials file
  • can't publish or view documents that have been sent to the client’s portal, or have been uploaded from the client's portal.
Personal information
  • can't view the client's contact details, such as phone numbers and addresses, their date of birth and tax information.

Restricted clients will show with a padlock icon in the Client list for all administrators, and for staff who do have access to them.

If a staff member doesn't have access to a client, they won't see them in the Client list.

  • can't create a portal for the client, or add them to an existing portal.
  • can't view or edit a portal that the client is part of, even if the portal is shared with clients that the staff member does have access to.
  • can't be selected as the default "Send as" or "Notify" user for the client's portal.
  • can't create or view tasks for the restricted client, or for any other client they share their portal with.

    For example, if you want to create a coding report for a client you do have access to, but they share a portal with a client you don't have access to, you can't create coding report tasks for either of these clients.

  • can't be selected as the "Send as" or "Notify" user for a task that relates to the client, or any client in the same portal.
  • can't view, prepare or lodge tax forms or activity statements (AU) for the client.
Transaction processing
  • can't view the client's MYOB Essentials or AccountRight file on the Transaction processing page if it has been linked to the client record.

Why doesn’t the Transaction processing page show the files I created?

If you’ve recently created a file, perhaps someone has restricted your access to the client. The Transaction processing page only shows files linked to clients you have access to. If your access has been removed, you can get access again by contacting an administrator in your practice. Another reason you might not see the client’s file on the Transaction processing page is if your user account or advisor account has been removed from within the client’s file. Learn about getting and removing access to a file.

How to add or remove client restrictions

If you use MYOB AE or MYOB AO (NZ)

You can add or remove client restrictions using the Team Security features in your MYOB AE/AO desktop software.

Those security settings will be applied automatically in MYOB Practice.

You can also opt in to Access Management. This gives your practice two new user roles for greater control over who can action Compliance work, like approving and filing returns.

If you are a Partner and don't use MYOB AE/AO

If you're an MYOB Practice administrator, follow these steps to set up restrictions for a client, or to change a specific staff member's access to clients who are currently restricted.

To add or remove client restrictions
  1. Click All clients in the sidebar, and then click Contacts in the top menu.

  2. From the contact list that appears, select the row for client you want to restrict access to.
  3. Click Manage access.

    You can also access these options from the client workspace. Click View all in the Details pane.

  4. Choose who should have access to the client’s details:
    • All staff: No restrictions will be applied. All staff in the practice will be able to view the client’s details.
    • Specific staff: All administrators plus anyone you add in the Manage access window will have exclusive access to the client’s details.

  5. To give a non-administrator access to the client, click Add Staff.
    You can search for a staff member, or select them from the list. Administrators aren’t listed because they can always access all clients, whether restricted or not.
  6. To remove someone’s access, click the x next to their name.
  7. Click Save.
To edit staff access to restricted clients

If a client is currently unrestricted, follow the “To add or remove client restrictions” procedure above instead.

  1. Click Settings in the sidebar.

  2. Click Staff in the settings menu.
  3. From the list of staff members that appears, select a staff member that has the General role.

  4. Click Manage access.
  5. In the Manage access window, add the restricted clients you want to give the staff member access to by selecting them from the drop-down list.

    The list only includes clients who’ve already been restricted to administrators and specific staff.
  6. To remove this staff member's existing access to a restricted client, click the x next to the client’s name.
  7. Click Save.

When you add a staff member you can also select the restricted clients they should have access to.