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Australia only

There are roles you can assign to your staff to restrict some actions that you can perform in MYOB Practice. These roles can be managing tax compliance, lodgement, task templates, etc. You can also assign the Administrator role to another can assign the Administrator role and any other roles to staff.

I'm an MYOB AE/AO user

As an Administrator, you can see which members of your staff have access to MYOB Practice. Click Settings () on the left side of the page and choose Staff.

  • Assign roles to existing staff in MYOB Practice. Assigning roles in MYOB Practice won't sync the role settings back to AE/AO.
  • Add new staff in MYOB AE/AO.
  • To remove staff who no longer work in your practice, make them inactive in MYOB AE/AO.
    (For New Zealand users, see also Closing clients for more information)

I'm an MYOB Practice user (without MYOB AE/AO)

 You can manage staff roles in MYOB Practice if: 

  • you don't use MYOB AE/AO
  • you already have an Administrator role. 

If no one in your practice has an Administrator role, you need to contact MYOB Support. You can control which staff can access MYOB Practice by adding or removing staff.

Types of roles

Default user (no role assigned)

  • Can do everything that doesn't require a specific role, such as Administrator.


  • Only Administrators can assign roles, including assigning the Administrator role to other users.
  • Required for changing MYOB Practice settings and viewing audit history. Gives you access to all functionality included in other roles.
  • It's mandatory that someone in your practice is assigned the Administrator role. Someone would have been assigned when your practice migrated to MYOB Practice. If no one in your practice has an Administrator role, you need to contact us.

Manage task templates

Roles for managing tax tasks
  • Your practice can enable the Compliance Administration and Compliance Approval roles. These roles let you manage access to certain tax-related tasks. Learn more about the different types of tax roles and how to enable them.


To assign a user to a role
  1. Log in to MYOB Practice as an Administrator.

  2. Select Settings () on the left side of the page and select Roles and permissions.
  3. On the Roles and permissions page, select the name of the role you want to add users to.

  4. On the right panel, select Edit role ().

  5. From the drop-down, select the names of the users you want to add.

    You can select multiple users and the names will be displayed under the Staff section.

  6. Click Save.

  7. To remove a user from a role, click the remove role icon () next to the user's name and click Save.

To assign a role to a user

Only staff members with the Administrator role in MYOB Practice can give roles to other staff members.

  1. Log in to MYOB Practice as an Administrator and select Settings () on the left side of the page and select Staff.
  2. From the list of staff, select the staff member that you want to give a role to.
  3. On the top right of the page, click Manage role.
  4. Under Roles, select a role from the drop-list. The role is displayed in the Roles section.
  5. Click Save.
  6. To remove a role from a user, under Roles, click the remove icon () on the role you want to remove and click Save.