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If you've prepared an FBT return or are finalising a BAS in the old view, see Approve and lodge an FBT form.

Before you can lodge an activity statement or tax return that you've validated and reviewed, you need to get your client to approve it. They can approve with a signature on a paper form, or with a digital signature.

Digital signatures

Digital signatures let you get approvals faster. With just a few clicks, your clients can review, approve and digitally sign their forms.

If you’ve set up a portal for a client using MYOB Practice, you can request a digital signature by downloading the activity statement or tax return and sending it for approval via the portal.

Clients can then sign digitally through their portal. You’ll get notified right away, so you can get lodging.

To get approval by a digital signature, see Send documents for digital approval.

If your client doesn't have a portal, you can only request a manual signature.

  • Learn about setting up portals to receive digital signatures: Watch the video.
  • See how your clients can use their portal to collaborate with you and approve forms: Watch the video.

Manual signatures

Get approval manually by downloading the activity statement or tax return, and emailing, posting or handing it to your client when you next see them.

To get approval by a manual signature
The status needs to be Ready for client review.
  1. On the right of the activity statement or tax return, click the Download documents drop-down and choose Tax estimate, Tax return or Activity statement. Your browser downloads a PDF copy.
  2. Click Send to client. The status changes to Pending client signature.

    The status is a visual indicator to let help you keep track. It doesn't send anything to the client.

  3. Send the PDF to your client. For example, you can email the PDF, or use another method if you prefer.
  4. When the client notifies you that they approve the activity statement or tax return, click Client approved & signedThe status changes to Ready to lodge.

What's next?

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