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New Zealand IR3 and IR3NR 2021 onwards

This schedule is for information purposes. It doesn't update the main form of the tax return and isn't filed with IR. The total amounts are displayed on the tax statement and may be included on tax notices.

You have to enter a Loan balance so that MYOB Practice knows what is owed and can calculate the repayments on the Student loan page.

The Total repayments made to IR and 20xx Total interim repayments made to IR fields are automatically populated with data synchronised from Data reconciliation transactions. The data from these fields is displayed in the tax statement in the Payment summary section in the 20xx Student loan interim and 20xx Student loan paid fields.

If you have any approved tax notices with a status of Ready for client and you want to use the automatically populated data, you need to click Send for rework at the top of the tax notice to change the status back to In progress.

Before September 20 2021, the Total repayments made to IR and 20xx Total interim repayments made to IR fields weren't automatically populated and could only be manually populated.

  • If you already have manually entered data... the Total repayments made to IR field of an existing schedule, this data won’t be overwritten with data from Data reconciliation transactions. If you want the field to use data synchronised from Data reconciliation transactions, delete the schedule, then add the schedule again and complete any manually editable fields. The automatically calculated fields will already be populated.
  • If you have in progress tax notices...
    ...where you've added any voluntary adjustments, check the amounts in these tax notices. The voluntary amounts may already be taken into account by the fields automatically synchronised from Data reconciliation. If this is the case, you'll have a duplicated amount from the manual and automatic adjustment.
    To fix tax notices with duplicated amounts, remove the voluntary adjustments in the tax notice.