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This section is only relevant if you're using MYOB AE or MYOB AO on a desktop computer in your practice. If you're not sure that you're already using Sync, refer to the note in step 2 in the To activate Contacts Migration section.

You can sync, or migrate, all your client and contact data from your desktop MYOB AE/AO to MYOB Practice. This enables you to access your data any time anywhere (even on mobile or tablet) regardless of whether your practice server is on or off.

The data on your practice server will remain the original source.

When you or anyone else adds or edits clients on your desktop MYOB AE/AO, those changes will be automatically synchronised.

Once you've synchronised your data you won't be able to turn sync off.

Tips for syncing your contacts

  • When first enabled, a bulk update of contacts to the cloud will begin. This process can take some time, so it’s recommended that you start this at the end of a working day.
  • It is recommended that you do not make any edits to contacts or clients until the initial process of upload is completed. See 'To activate Contacts Migration' section.
About the Contact Sync Process

About the Contact Sync Process

The contact sync process is be grouped in two steps:

  1. Upload the required records to the online MYOB Platform.
  2. Process the information into the MYOB Practice system, at which time your contacts and clients become available in MYOB Practice.

Step 1

The first step is to upload your contact information from your desktop server to the secure MYOB online platform. Note: the initial upload can take approximately an hour depending on the quantity of data, and the quality of your internet connection.

Once done, the Contacts Migration system tray icon will change to a Green State.

Step 2

Once step 1 is completed, the contacts information can now be processed into MYOB Practice. MYOB Practice will begin to use the new online contacts stored for all online interactions. This will improve the speed of MYOB Practice, and will enable the MYOB online compliance tools to perform well.

For most practices, processing of contacts takes an additional few hours. However, if you have a large practice (over 10,000 contacts and clients) then this processing can take substantially longer.

For further assistance, visit our Client service and support page. For information on the privacy and security of your data, see our security commitment.

To activate Contacts Migration

You need to be a practice administrator to complete this task.

Not an administrator? Get in touch with your administrator and share this page with them.

Before activating Contacts Migration, check that the email address entered in Maintenance > Maintenance Map > Online > Practice my.MYOB settings belongs to an active administrator employee in your database.

The employee must remain active for the Contacts Migration process to remain working. For this reason, we recommend you use the Practice Disbursement employee if it exists or create a new employee for this purpose. See Creating a new employee to add a new employee.

See Creating a new employee to add a new employee.

See Viewing active employees to confirm which employees are active.


  1. In addition, “On the Go” must also be activated to begin this process. For full instructions refer to Setting up MYOB OnTheGo

  2. On your desktop MYOB AE/AO, go to MaintenanceMaintenance MapOnline > Activate Contacts Migration.

    The following message displays: The process to migrate contact details online may take some time. Are you sure you want to continue?

    If your practice has already enabled to sync contacts, the below message will be displayed, indicating that sync has already been enabled.

    If this message is displayed, the following steps do not need to be followed.

  3. Click Yes.

  4. If you’re migrating your client data from a server, an icon will appear in your system tray, similar to a traffic light, displaying the migration progress:

    • Green: Sync is active and running normally. Changes you make to clients and contacts in MYOB AE/AO will migrate (sync) automatically with MYOB Practice.

    • Orange: Clients and contacts are currently migrating (syncing). This can take a few minutes if you have many clients that need to be migrated.

    • Red: Sync is inactive. This usually indicates an issue. See Troubleshooting contacts for help getting it started again.

      Note: It may take longer for all contacts to be made available online following the initial upload process. Subsequent updates will commence automatically.


  5. If you haven’t activated MYOB AE/AO Live as yet, the Terms of use will be displayed.
    Carefully read the Terms of use and then select the I agree with the above terms of use checkbox. After you click OK, your client data will be migrated.