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Online and seamless workflow

Almost 70% of the tax return is pre-filled

Lodge to the ATO


With almost 70% of data pre-filled in MYOB Practice, you can efficiently prepare tax returns. The data in this workflow comes from the underlying general ledger, rolling over into the Trial balance page where you can create workpapers. 

You can see your assets register on the Assets page.

The Tax reconciliation page is useful for comparing the taxable income or loss with the accounting profit or loss.

On the Tax reconciliation page and Tax return page, it's easy to see where your data is coming from by simply clicking an amount.

With all this information already available, you can breeze through your tax return.


Get ready to prepare a tax return in MYOB Practice

Before you can start working on your tax returns in MYOB Practice, you need to complete some tasks in MYOB AE/AO:

  1. Get ready to move a tax return online.
  2. Move a tax return online.


Start preparing a tax return in MYOB Practice 

  1. Set up account groups
  2. Prepare a tax return.