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On the Tax page you can see the status of each return you’ve created. This makes it easy to see where everything is at, and what you need to work on next.

You can also see the status of each return that’s due for your clients on the Transaction processing page, right next to their other file details - watch the video, and see below for more information.

Status descriptions

The status of a form will automatically update as you progress through each stage. Here’s what each status means:

Not Started

On the Compliance page, this status indicates you've created a form for the client, but haven't entered any details.

On the Transaction processing page, Not started will also appear for upcoming forms that you haven’t started in MYOB Practice yet, or in progress forms in the old BAS system.

In reviewThe form is being reviewed by a colleague. When finished, the reviewer can approve the form to update the status to Ready for client review.
Ready for client review

The form has been approved by someone internally and is ready to be sent to the client.

Pending signatureYou’ve requested a signature from your client (electronic or manual), and are waiting for them to approve the form.
Processing lodgement We're currently sending the form to the ATO.

You don't need to lodge these forms unless you're varying the ATO calculated installments.

Upgrading We're upgrading the form to the new system. This usually takes between 1 and 2 minutes.
Upgrade failed There was a problem upgrading the form. If you receive this status, please contact MYOB support for assistance.
View activity statement details on the Transaction processing page

You can see your clients activity statement obligations, including due dates and status information, on the Transaction processing page. This makes it easy to identify and prioritise the work you need to complete for each client. And it’s conveniently located next to their other file details, so you can finish coding their file and then move onto preparing their activity statements from the same page.

The Transaction processing page shows the next activity statement that’s due for each client, and any overdue statements you haven’t lodged yet. You can quickly open the next form that needs completing by clicking the status.

Setup checklist

Review this checklist to make sure you’ve set up everything that’s required to view activity statement details on the Transaction processing page.


Have you set up your agent details?
  • Set up an agent in MYOB Practice and enter the ABN that’s associated with your tax agent number.
  • Record the software ID in your ATO Access Manager. This number appears when entering your agent details in MYOB Practice.
  • Select the Refresh ATO details daily option on the ATO agent settings page next to your agent details.

If more than one agent has the same agent number and ABN, selecting the Refresh ATO details daily option will apply to all of them. It can take up to 24 hours for activity statement details to appear on the Transaction processing page after you select this option.

Also, the ATO will only send this information to MYOB software while this option is selected. If you need to retrieve these details from non-MYOB software, you’ll need to deselect the Refresh ATO details option first (the first update could take 24 hours to be received).

Have you set up your clients?
  • Check that your clients are also listed in your ATO portal, and their details match what appears in MYOB Practice, including their ABN and Branch.
If another agent adds one of your clients to their ATO portal, you’ll no longer receive that client’s activity statement details on the Transaction processing page - this is due to ATO only allowing a client to be associated to one agent at any time.