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New Zealand IR3, IR3NR, IR4, IR6, IR8 and IR9

You can create a Transfers received schedule that shows what a tax return’s Transfer from other returns value consists of. The schedule displays the tax type, client names and IRD numbers associated with incoming refund transfers.

The Transfers received schedule isn’t filed to IR.

The IRD number, tax type and amount is also visible in the tax statement.

To add the Transfers received schedule
  1. On the Tax return page, add the Transfers received schedule.
  2. Click Sync tax return data at the top of the Tax return page.

  3. Once the schedule is added, you can click the Transfer from other returns value any time to open the Transfers received schedule and see the details.

    Data in the Transfers received schedule isn’t continually synchronised. It’s a good idea to click Sync tax return data again if you previously added the schedule but haven’t viewed it in a while, to make sure you’re seeing the latest data.