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If you're having issues with Compliance in MYOB Practice, check these topics below.

Getting started

Don't have access to Compliance in MYOB Practice (MYOB AE/AO users)

Check whether you already have access

  1. Click the cloud icon on the toolbar of your desktop version of MYOB AE or MYOB AO
  2. Did you get prompted to set MYOB Live?
    • Yes—MYOB Live is active. Continue to the next step.
    • NoMYOB Live is not active. See Getting started for info about how to get set up.
  3. In MYOB Practice, check whether you can see Compliance in the top menu bar. If not, you don't currently have access to the Compliance features.

Getting Compliance in MYOB Practice

To find out about getting the Compliance features, either:

  • Contact your client manager, or
  • Call MYOB Support on 1300 555 666 (option 1 for Tax).
Can't add an agent
  1. Make sure that the following details are correct for the tax agent you're trying to add:
    • Name of tax agent or practice
    • Tax agent reference number
    • ABN.
  2. Check whether any existing agents are using the same details.
  3. Don't forget to authorise MYOB to lodge for that agent.

Moving a workpaper and tax return online

What if I don't see the Move end of year online compliance window?

If you don't see the Move end of year compliance online window, check the following:

  • Do you have the relevant task permissions in MYOB AE/AO to move a client's workpaper and tax data online? Talk to your practice administrator to set up your permissions.
  • Is your ledger an online file? Check in the Workpapers > Configured Ledger Details panel on the right.
What happens if I select Stay on desktop?

If you select Stay on Desktop, the workpaper rolls over in MYOB AE/AO.

Issue when migrating your client online

When you're migrating a tax return or a workpaper online and see a red-cross, you can find out more about the issue by reading the message in the window.

If you don't see any error message in the window, contact Support on 1300 555 666 for troubleshooting.

Deleting a tax return

Something went wrong error

 If you see this error when trying to delete a tax return, it means you're trying to delete a tax return for a client who has a 2019 and 2020 tax return migrated into MYOB Practice.

You can delete a tax return for a client if that client only has one tax return that's been moved online to MYOB Practice.

Return is online and cannot be accessed

If you get this error, call Support.

See the confluence page for script to fix

Preparing and lodging forms

Can't add a form

If you're not able to add a form, here are some things you can try:

  • Select a different Branch code on the Add form page.
  • Check that the client appears in the Tax agent list in ATO Access Manager, and that their details (such as ABN and branch) match what appears in MYOB Practice.
  • Reauthorise MYOB to lodge returns.
Can't lodge a form

The ATO may be having connection issues. Check their Current SBR system status page to see whether there's a known issue at the moment.

If there are no issues on the ATO's side, note down any errors or messages you've received in MYOB Practice, and then contact MYOB support. Make sure to have the URL handy for the form that you're having problems with.

Activity statements disappeared after the upgrade

You'll find all your outstanding activity statements in the old system. This includes unlodged, in progress, in review and those awaiting signatures.

From within Compliance, click Back to the old system to access your outstanding activity statements.

To start a new activity statement, you'll need to create the form in the new compliance view.

AUSKEY details (moved to internal on 2 april), auskey decommissioned end of March


Can't log in to Access Manager

Check that the AUSkey you're using to log in has administrator privileges. See the ABR's AUSkey explained page for more info.

Forgotten AUSkey password

Contact the Australian Business Register (ABR) to reset your password:

  • By phone – 1300 AUSKEY or 1300 287 539, or
  • Through the ABR website.

See the ABR's AUSkey explained page for more info.

Don't have an AUSkey

Apply online on the ABR website. See the ABR's AUSkey explained page for more info.