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Are you experiencing an issue with Online files? You may find your answer in these troubleshooting topics.

Login issues

If you're having trouble logging in to access Online files, your practice administrator might not have given you access. Check with your administrator.

Administrators can find more information on giving staff access on the Adding or removing staff in MYOB Practice help page.

Change staff access if you were using the MYOB Essentials Partner Dashboard

MYOB Essentials Partner Dashboard is now known as Transaction processing. Make sure your practice administrator has given you access and log in now!

The Users and My profile pages in MYOB Essentials are still available, so if you need to give or remove staff access to the list of MYOB Essentials files, you can still do so from the usual place.

MYOB Essentials/MYOB Business files not displaying

Were you expecting to find MYOB Essentials or MYOB Business files, but they're not there? Your practice administrator might not have given you access. Check with your administrator.

If your administrator isn't sure how to add you, you can give them a link to the relevant help page:

Failed coding reports

You may see an error about coding reports failing, at the top of the Online files page. Click here to learn more about what you can do about this.

Options for AccountRight classic v19 files

Wondering how to work with AccountRight classic files (v19)? Check out the help page for Desktop files view.

MYOB Business files missing

Your MYOB Business file might be missing because we've archived it. We archive MYOB Business file if they've been both

  • cancelled or expired for 62 days or more
  • have not been accessed in the last year.

Contact support to have this file restored.