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The Compliance page lists all of your client's activity statements and tax returns. From here, you can create an activity statement or prepare a tax return.

To list the tax forms for:

  • all your clients, click All clients then click Compliance on the top menu bar
  • one client, select a client from your client list, then click Compliance on the top menu bar.

If any forms in the old view have a status of In Progress, you'll need to complete them in the old view. To switch back to the old view, click Back to the old system.

Understanding the compliance page

The Compliance page gives you different ways to find and view activity statements and tax returns.

The page might look a bit different depending on whether you're viewing one client or all clients.

LabelPage item
Filter the compliance list using:


SearchType the name of a client. You'll only see this option if you're viewing all clients.
PeriodSelect a reporting period from the drop-down. Select all periods or a specific financial year.
TypeSelect the type of tax form from the drop-down. To show all forms, select All.
Reset Clears any filters to show the full list of forms.
Filter by status:
BAll unlodgedShows any forms that haven't been lodged.
Not started

On the Compliance page:

  • For tax returns, you've moved the tax return from MYOB AE/AO to MYOB Practice, but you haven't started working on it.
  • For activity statements, we've created it from ATO's activity statement lodgment report (ASLR), but you haven't started working on it.
In progressBeing prepared.
In reviewBeing reviewed by a manager or a partner.
Ready for client reviewApproved by a manager or partner. Locked and ready to send to the client.
Pending signatureIt's been sent to the client to review and sign.
Ready to lodgeSigned by the client and ready to lodge.
RejectedRejected by the ATO.
Failed to loadThe ATO pre-fill failed and we can’t load the form.
LodgedSuccessfully lodged to the ATO.

Click the sort icon () to sort by:

CClient nameYou'll only see this column if you're viewing all clients.
PeriodAll years or a financial year.
Compliance typeThe tax form type.
Lodgment dueThe due date of the tax form.

The status of the tax form.

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