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To choose which columns to display

Right-click the header row and select the columns you want to display.

Choose from:

  • Start date
  • Cost
  • O.W.D.V: opening written down value
  • Method & Rate
  • Dep expense: depreciation expense
  • C.W.D.V: closing written down value
  • Acquisition date
  • Disposal date
  • Location
  • Accumulated dep: accumulated depreciation
  • Value for dep: value for depreciation
  • Private use
  • Private use amount
  • Termination value
  • (AU) Assessable/Deductible
  • (NZ) Profit/Loss
  • Capital gain tax
  • (NZ) Number of months
To search for an asset code or name

You can perform a predictive search by entering part of an asset code or name.

To choose a year

Click the Years drop-down to select a year. You can add up to two future years ahead of the current year. An asterisk identifies a future year – selecting one will create that year.

To display allocated or unallocated assets

Click the Display drop-down to select the assets you want to display.

Allocated assets are already part of your asset register.

Unallocated assets are potential new purchases that are not allocated to your asset register yet.

To switch between taxation and accounting

Click on Taxation or Accounting to see the associated depreciation calculations.

Your saved settings control the depreciation calculations.