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Workpapers are records used to substantiate your client's information. You can use workpapers to calculate, reconcile and verify transactions in an account.

From the Trial balance page, you can add or link a workpaper to one or multiple accounts, all in a single window.

Deleting a workpaper will delete all the contents. However, unlinking a workpaper will keep the contents and you can use it to link to other accounts.

Workpaper features

  • Group and sort data within a workpaper just like you would do in Excel.
  • Transaction data in a workpaper is pre-filled from the source ledger.
  • The workpaper data integrates to the Tax reconciliation page and to the Tax return page.

You can tell if an account has a workpaper by the colours icons in the trial balance:

  • A grey workpaper icon () indicates that the account doesn't have a workpaper.
  • A purple workpaper icon () indicates that the account has one or more workpaper.

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