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Next, create some basic profiles for each of your employees so that you can pay them. At this point the profiles only need a name, an IRD number, and a bank account, but you can add more details later by opening the Modify Employee Details window.

To add an employee
  1. From the front screen click Employee > Add A New Employee. Enter an identifier such as your employee’s initials, and click Go.

  2. Enter a short name. This can be a full name, or a nickname or a shortened version of their name (for example 'Tim', 'Timothy' or 'Tim Wilson'), then click Go.

  3. From the front screen click Employee > Modify Employee Details > Personnel.

  4. Enter a Surname and First Names (these are required for payday filing).

  5. Click Taxation.

  6. Click IRD Number and enter your employee's IRD number, then click Go.

  7. If you are paying you employee electronically, click Direct Credits > Add > Account Number and enter your employee's bank details.

  8. Click Go.

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