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It is important to back up your data regularly. Ace Payroll automatically creates regular backups of your data and saves them to your computer or an external hard drive.

Customers with support subscription can use our internet backup service. That way if anything happens to your computer - like theft, damage, or a virus - your backups will be safe.


Internet backup serviceInstructions for setting up the internet backup service.
Automatic backupsAn explanation of the automatic backup process and how the backup files are named.
Backing up your data FAQsFrequently asked questions about backing up your data.
Backing up to a folder or external memoryInstructions for setting Ace Payroll to back up automatically to external storage.
Direct credit emergency backupInstructions for restoring a direct credit back up if you have filed your payroll incorrectly.
Restore data from a backup

Restore data using different back up methods.