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I do weekly and fortnightly payrolls. When I do a backup, does it backup both of them?

There is no need to keep separate backups for your weekly and fortnightly wages. The backup procedure in Ace Payroll copies all data files to the destination you select..

Should I backup my data before or after I file my pays?

You should back up the data before you file. That way if something goes wrong with the filing – for example a power cut half way through – you can restore your data and file it again.

If you back up after you file your pays and something goes wrong in the middle, you will have to use the previous period’s back up and re-enter the data you entered for your current pays.

What files do we need to backup to the file server?

The only Ace Payroll files that you ever need to back up are the *.DTA files.
Ace Payroll offers an internet backup service for customers who purchase a support subscription. Using the internet backup service ensures additional copies of your data are always stored in our secure data centres.