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Casual employees are employees who do not work on a regular basis, and are typically paid 8% of their gross pay each pay period rather than accruing annual leave.

When a casual employee becomes permanent you will need to update your payroll settings to give them annual leave.

Here's how it works:


To change annual leave entitlements
  1. From the front screen click Employee, then click Modify Employee Details.

  2. Click Leave > Holiday Pay > Calculation Method.

  3. Click Annual Leave Entitlement. A green tick appears to show your selection. Click Go to confirm your changes.


  4. Click Opening Entitlement Date and enter the date on which your employee became or will become permanent.

  5.  Ensure the Opening Entitlement Days Owing field shows None, then click Go.

    While your employee was casual, they were being paid their leave as 8% of their gross pay each period. Because of this, they have no accumulated leave entitlements to carry over, and the Opening Entitlement Days Owing should be zero.

     Your employee will now accumulate annual leave from the date you entered.