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Creating an Employee Leave Profile is simple, and allows Ace Payroll to anticipate entitlements for your employees and reduce the amount of decisions you have to make when paying holidays and leave.

The Employee Leave Profile is based on your employee agreement, which defines the regular days and hours your employee will work. The profile automatically shows an employee's usual hours on the Labour Department Report in Ace Payroll.

When paying most leave types the Employee Leave Profile will tell you exactly what your employees are entitled to. If a Leave Profile does not exist for the employee, the following screen is shown:


To create or modify an Employee Leave Profile
  1. From the front screen click Employee > Modify Employee Details and select an employee.

  2. Click Leave, then click the keyboard icon next to the words Employee Leave Profile.

  3. Enter the days and hours your employee regularly works by clicking the white cell under each day, or click Works Irregular Hours.

  4. Click Anniversary Day, then select the provincial anniversary day which will be observed by your employee.

  5. Click Go, then click Go again to save the Employee Leave Profile.