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Direct credit schedules are produced from the current unfiled pays. Before you file your pays it is essential to produce either a printed direct credit schedule, or a file to be transmitted to your bank.

If you transmit your direct credits electronically it is a good idea to have a printed schedule as well, in case anything goes wrong with the electronic transfer. It’s also a good idea to not file your regular payroll until you know your bank has correctly processed the direct credits.

Because it is so important to produce these reports prior to filing your regular pay, Ace Payroll automatically makes a spare copy of both the printed and electronic schedules when you file your regular pay - these copies are emergency backups.


To retrieve a direct credit emergency backup
  1. From the front screen click Make Payment. The Make Payment window opens.

  2. Click Emergency Backup.

  3. Click Retrieve Emergency Backup.

  4. Click either Printout or Electronic to retrieve your direct credit schedule.
    If you choose Printout, simply print the report that opens and you’re done.
    If you choose Electronic, the Electronic Backup window opens.

  5. Click View Backup to verify that the schedule is correct, then click Copy Backup. The emergency backup file is copied into the location of your usual direct credit file. The file can then be accessed by your internet banking software