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Adding and managing employees in Ace Payroll is simple. This section covers the most common tasks.


Trial periodsAny employer can hire new employees on a trial period of up to 90 calendar days. This page explains your right and obligations in this situation.
Add and pay a casual employeeHow to set up a casual employee, and pay them through your regular payroll.
Add a data field to employee detailsDefining the customisable data field in Modify Employee Details.
Difference between casual and part time employeesDistinguishing between casual and part time employees can be difficult and getting it wrong can have consequences. Here's how to decide on an employee's status.
Employees and contractors - differences, rights, and responsibilitiesEmployees and contractors have different rights and responsibilities. This page explains the difference.
Reinstate a returning employeeIf a previous employee returns to your business you can resume paying them without having to re-add them to Ace Payroll.
Retrieve a deleted employeeIf you have deleted an employee you can recreate their profile and retrieve their history.
Process a final pay

To finish an employee all you need to do is process a termination pay. This pay should include any unpaid amounts for time worked, plus any leave they are owed.