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Ace Payroll is sometimes asked for assistance of a legal rather than a technical nature. We want to assist our clients in every way possible, but Ace Payroll is a computer software company and our staff do not have legal training. The Law Practitioners Act prohibits us from giving legal advice, and Ace Payroll does not permit its staff to offer legal advice.

Questions such as "Last Monday was a public holiday. Do I have to give John an alternative holiday if he works on the day?" cannot be answered by our help desk. The answer can only be found from a legal interpretation of the employee's employment contract as in this case, there can be two opposite answers depending on John's contract.

Ace Payroll can tell you how to allow an alternative holiday, but not whether to.

The correct source of legal information is your employer's association, your lawyer, or your employee's union. Alternatively you can contact the Employment Relations Authority.