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From 1 April 2019, employers must report employee info to the IRD every payday via payday filing instead of filing an IR348. The information on this page only applies before 1 April 2019.

We recommend setting up a folder on your Apple Mac to store any files you export from Ace Payroll. This makes it easier to use ir-File, and to use direct credit file systems with your bank.

1. To create a folder to store exported files
  1. Open Finder and click on Documents.

  2. Click Settings, then New Folder.

  3. Name the new folder. We suggest "Ace Payroll Files”.

  4. Right click the new folder and click Get Info, then note the file path.

    You now have a new folder called "Ace Payroll Files" in Documents. The new folder is shown in the path selector shown below, but your file path may be different to this example. You will select this folder when processing your Direct Credit and ir-File documents.

    To make sure Ace Payroll knows to store its files in this new folder, follow the instructions below.
2. To store electronic files in your new folder
  1. Open Ace Payroll and click Make Payment > Setup > File Path.

  2. The Direct Credit Setup window opens. In the file path, select the folder you have created, then click GO.

3. To store your IRD Returns files in your new folder
  1. From the front screen, click Reports > IRD Returns > Lodge Monthly Return, then click GO. The Employer Monthly Schedule window opens.

  2. Click Setup > File Path. The Select Electronic File Path window opens.

  3. Click the folder you have created, then click GO.

    Payroll now saves your IRD Returns files to your new folder.