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The function keys can be used from any page in Ace Payroll, at any time. They are useful for accessing tools while you process pays.


 F1 Help 

Open the help message for your current screen or task by pressing F1 once.

Open the full help system by pressing F1 twice from any window.

 F2 Employee Index 

View a list of your employees’ names, departments, and ID codes.

To change the way your employees are ordered in the index, click Setup.
To search this list, hold the ALT key down and enter all or part of an employee’s name.
To clear the search and show the entire index, press the Escape key.

 F3 Modify Employee

Edit and update your employees’ details.

This includes details about personnel, taxallowances, direct credits, leaveKiwiSaver, notes, and HR.
More information about modifying your employees’ details can be found under Employee Maintenance .

 F4 Report Index

View a list of all of the  reports available in Ace Payroll.

 F5 Version Info

View the Serial Number, Version Number, and ID Code. These may be required when contacting Ace Payroll customer support.

F6 Send Queued Emails

View a list of unsent payslip emails and select the emails you want to send.

 F7 Calendar

View a calendar.

This calendar is used to select dates. It does not show appointments, events, or holidays.
If you are using the calendar to select a date for a form, double click the desired date and it will be entered automatically.
To view a complete list of public holidays and anniversary days, press the Public Holidays button.

 F8 Calculator

Open a basic calculator.

To change the number of decimal points shown on the calculator screen, select Setup.

 F9 Allowance Index

View a list of allowances

Edit, add, or remove allowances by clicking the Allowances button on the front screen.