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The Hours Worked report is a customizable report. You can set the report to cover:

  • One employee, all employees, or a range of employees.

  • A date range.

  • All departments or certain departments.

  • Total hours, or itemised hours.

  • All pay types or certain pay types.

To create the Hours Worked report
  1. From the front screen click Reports, then Hours Worked. The Hours Worked & Pay Rate Report window opens.

  2. Set the options you want to show on your report, then click Go.


Fields in the Hours Worked & Pay Rate Report window

Employee Selection 

Set the report to cover all of your employees, a range of employees, or a selected employee.

Date Range 

Set the report to cover any date range you require.

To report on the filed regular pay, set the report from and report to fields to the same date. This produces a report of the wages filed on that day.

To report on the entire period, set the report from and report to dates accordingly. The report will then include any one off payments you have made in that period.

Group By

Set how the report will group your employees.


Set the report to cover all departments, a single department, or a selected group.


Select Itemised to show totals for all employees at the start of the report, followed by every single transaction for for those employees during the selected date range.

Select Totals Only to show the totals for every selected employee, but not the itemised transactions.