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When I go to calculate my regular payroll it shows last week’s pay date. What is wrong?

If you try to calculate your current regular payroll and it shows the pay date for the prior period, it is almost certainly because you did not file the regular payroll for the prior period.

To fix this problem, first check whether you filed for the prior period by doing the following:

  • From the front screen, click Reports then One Off Report. If there are no transactions shown for the prior period, you have not filed your previous payroll.

  • You can also check the When Filed report for the relevant month. Press the F4 key and scroll down to Other Reports to find the When Filed report.

If the pay does not appear on either of these reports, it has not been filed.

As a final check, go to Calculate Pays and make sure the pays are as you left them at the end of the prior period, preferably checking them against the management report you printed.

Once you are certain the prior period pays were not filed, file them and then continue with the current payroll.