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The Leave Owing report provides an estimate of holiday pay owing to all staff at a selected date. The report also shows how much is owed, and how it is calculated.

As well as using this report for managing leave entitlements, you can use it to include a charge for accrued holiday pay in profit and loss accounts.

The holiday pay balances in this report are calculated as though all employees are continuing their employment. If you have an employee who is being terminated, the number of days owing might be a combination of days they are owed and days they have accrued but are not entitled to take yet. Understanding Termination Accruals explains this in more depth.

Use Showing days of leave owing on payslips to show annual leave balances on payslips.


To view the leave owing report
  1. From the front screen click Reports > Leave Owing.

  2. Click either Current Status, or Other Date then select a date.

  3. The Leave Owing Report appears. Click any figure in blue for an itemised report.