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You can easily link existing allowances or deductions to your employees. You can set a usual amount if the allowance or deduction is the same each pay for that employee, or set the amount manually each time you process your pays.

Once you have linked an allowance or deduction to an employee, you can then set reducing balance deductions and set up direct credits for deductions.



To link an allowance or deduction to an employee
  1. From the front screen, click Employee > Modify Employee Details > Alllowances.

  2. Click Add to open the Add New Allowance window.

  3. Select the required allowance or deduction from the drop-down menu, then click GO.

  4. If this allowance is to be paid every pay period, enter the Usual Units, then click Go.
    If the units will change each pay, or will not be paid regularly, then leave this field blank and click Go.

    The allowance or deduction is now linked to the employee.