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To overwrite an employee's PAYE deduction for the current period
  1. From the front screen, click Calculate pays then click the PAYE/Amount field that is circled below.

  2. The PAYE Deduction Analysis Report appears. This report itemises the way that the PAYE deduction is calculated. Click Other Wages to overwrite the automatic deduction.

  3. Enter the required value and click Go.

    If you have previously overwritten the PAYE deduction, a different dialog is displayed which has the added option of resetting the field to automatic calculation.
To overwrite an employee’s default PAYE deduction
  1. From the front screen click Calculate Pays.

  2. Click the PAYE field in the Usual Amount column, and enter the new amount.
    This becomes the new default PAYE for this employee.

  3. Click the PAYE field in the Amount column, and enter the new amount.
    This ensures that the new default amount you set in step two is applied to this period.