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This section explains how to pay your employees using Ace Payroll.

Bi-monthly pay period date calculationConsiderations for using bi-mionthly pay periods.
Change a pay rate mid-pay periodChanging pay rates mid-pay period can be confusing, here's what you need to know.
Change employee pay frequenciesHow to change all your employees pay periods at once, and what to be careful of.
Pay a contractorHow to set up and pay a contractor with Ace Payroll.
Pay an extra payExtra pays include bonuses, commissions, backpay, retiring and redundancy payments. You must use the extra pays method to ensure the payments are taxed correctly.
Processing payroll for multiple companiesHow to purchase and set up licenses to process payroll for multiple companies.
Record hours workedUse pay rates to easily record hours worked each day.
Set cash rounding for coin splitsIf you pay your employees in cash, choose the way their pay will be rounded.
Set direct credit criteriaHow to pay an employee using direct credits.
Set pay ratesHow to customize pay rates.
Total remuneration salary packagesHow total remuneration salary packages work, and why you might use them.
Using multiple pay frequenciesIf you need to pay different employees at different frequencies, follow these instructions.
Paying leave and holidaysHow to pay your employees for public holidays, annual leave, sick leave, and bereavement leave.
Process a final pay

To finish an employee all you need to do is process a termination pay. This pay should include any unpaid amounts for time worked, plus any leave they are owed.

Minimum wageThe relevant minimum rate applies to all workers, even if they are salaried, paid piece rates, or only work intermittently.