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Different types of leave and holidays must be paid with different methods. This section explains how explain how to calculate and pay your employees correctly based on the type of leave or holiday they are taking. 


Pay annual leave 

What annual leave is and how to pay it.

Pay annual leave to casual employees 

How to pay annual leave to casual employees.

Cash up annual leave 

How to pay your employee when they request to be paid rather than take leave.

Pay a public holiday 

How to pay a public holiday in different scenarios.
Pay employees during annual compulsory closedownsHow to pay employees for leave entitlement during a closedown period.

Pay a public holiday during a closedown period

How to pay a public holiday while your business is closed for a period.

Alternative holidays (days in lieu)

When an employee is entitled to a public holiday, how to grant it, and how to pay it.

Make a one off payment 

How to make a one off payment when you are paying an amount that falls outside of your regular pay run.

Create an Employee Leave Profile

How to create an Employee Leave Profile to track and anticipate your employees' leave entitlements.

Leave Owing report 

How to open the Leave Owing report to get an estimate of the holiday pay owing to your staff.

Using the Leave Calendar

How to use the leave calendar to record sick leave, annual leave, bereavement leave, and alternative holidays.

Holidays Act 2003

The Holidays Act 2003 defines the holiday and leave entitlements employees hold in New Zealand.

Holiday pay that attracts the extra pay tax rate 

An explanation of which types of holiday pay are taxed at a higher rate than other types.

Pay annual leave in a termination pay

How to pay out leave and holiday pay in an employee's final paycheck.
Paying an employee for sick leave on a public holidayPay rates for sick leave taken on a public holiday.