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Payroll Giving is a process that allows staff to make charitable donations on a regular basis through their employer’s payroll, and receive an immediate one third tax credit for the donation. Payroll Giving is a voluntary process - employers have no obligation to offer Payroll Giving, and staff have no obligation to participate

To set up Payroll Giving all you need to do is add a charity. You or your employee will need to find the details of the chosen charity, including the charity’s postal address or bank account for payment.


To set up Payroll Giving
  1. From the front screen click Setup > Company Defaults > Payroll Giving.

  2. Click  +Add, and Ace Payroll guides you through the steps.
To set a regular Payroll Giving donation for an employee
  1. From the front screen click Calculate Pays and select and employee.

  2. Click Options > Payroll Giving.

  3. Enter the donation amount, and tick either Regular Donation or One Time Payment, then click OK.


IRD returns

To use Payroll Giving, employers must file their monthly or bi-monthly IRD returns electronically using ir-File.

IR345 Employer Deductions

Payroll Giving tax credits are deducted from the PAYE payable.

Click the amount of the tax credit to show an itemised report.


IR348 Employer Monthly Schedule

Payroll Giving tax credits are itemised on a per employee basis.

Click the tax credit amount to show an itemised report.