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Payslips that you produce using Ace Payroll are customizable, and can be printed out or emailed to your employees directly from the software.


Regular payroll procedureAn overview of the regular tasks you must perform to process your payroll.
Show IRD numbers on payslipsInstructions for showing IRD numbers on payslips.
Emailed payslips overviewInstructions for setting up and sending emailed payslips.
Personalising payslipsInstructions for displaying different types of information on your payslips.
Send queued payslip emailsInstructions for sending payslip emails which have been produced but not sent.
Showing days of leave owing on payslipsOptions for showing days of leave on payslips in different ways.
Using period end dates or actual payment datesInstructions for changing the way pay dates and period ending dates are accounted for, and an explanation of how this affects Inland Revenue returns.