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You can use Ace Payroll to process wages for multiple companies by purchasing rights for each additional company.

A standard Ace Payroll licence allows you to manage only the wages of the company in whose name it was registered.

For pricing information, visit our website.

To add a new company
  1. From the front screen, click the Utilities drop down menu on the front screen, then hover over Multiple Companies and click Add New Company.

  2. Close Ace Payroll.

  3. Open Ace Payroll from the program file, not from the icon in your task bar. The default location for Ace Payroll is Local Disk (C:) > Winpay > pay.exe

  4. The Select Company Required window opens. Click Additional Company then click Go.

  5. Contact Ace Payroll to purchase a licence for your new company and finish the setup.

To submit an Create and file returns with myIR for multiple companies to Inland Revenue, combine your multiple Employer Monthly Schedules into one file.