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No matter how many staff you employ, Ace Payroll costs $379 plus GST, and includes six months of phone support.

We don't charge per employee or pay run. Just one flat fee.

What you get when you purchase Ace Payroll:

  • Six months of free phone and email support.
  • A 90 day money back guarantee.
  • Access to all features for the first 6 months.
  • Registration to your business, so you can start processing pay runs right away.

There are:

  • No per employee charges.
  • No weekly, monthly, or per pay charges.
  • No limits on how many staff you can pay.

Additional company files

Processing payroll for more than one company is easy with Ace Payroll, add additional company files for $175 each, plus GST.



Once you've finished your six month free support period, choose from two support options:


A support subscription

A support subscription guarantees trouble free operation of your payroll and helps you stay compliant with Inland Revenue changes.

You'll get:

  • All major software upgrades and feature enhancements.
  • Automatic updates available from within Ace Payroll.
  • Secure cloud storage service for your backups.
  • Priority access to our help desk - call 0800 ACE PAY (0800 223 729).

Subscribe from $360 per year, plus GST.

Casual support

Casual support is provided on a pre-paid basis:

  • Calls cost $2.25 per minute, plus GST. Call 0900 5 WAGES (0900 592 437).
  • Any other specialised support is provided for $90 plus GST.


Try it

If you want to give Ace Payroll a road test first, get started with a free trial for 60 days.

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Buy it

Ace Payroll costs $379 plus GST and includes phone support for the first six months.

To purchase Ace Payroll, download the software and call us on 0800 223 729 to activate it.

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