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If you have more than a few employees, selecting an employee using a drop down list or up/down arrows can be time consuming.

The Employee Index is a searchable list of every employee you have. Any time you need to select an employee you can use the employee index to find the correct name.

Open the employee index

There are several ways to open the employee index:

  • From anywhere in Ace Payroll, press the F2 key.

  • From the front screen, click Employee then View Employee Index.

  • From the Calculate Pays window, click the icon of three people in the top right corner.

Search the employee index

To search the index, hold down the Alt key and start typing the first letters of your employee’s name.

Use the Backspace key to remove the last character entered.

Press Esc during the search to restore the index to all employees. Press Esc a second time to exit the index without making a selection.