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If the employee has deductions that you need to regularly pay to a third-party on their behalf, like WINZ, Department Of Courts, or IRD payments, you can enter direct credit details for those deductions and include those payments in your electronic banking files.

This procedure assumes you have already set up the deduction and loaded it to the employee.


To set up direct credits for deductions
  1. Click Employee > Modify Employee Details > Direct Credits > Add.

  2. The Add New Bank Account window opens. Click None Entered and enter the Account Number you want the funds paid to, then click Go.

  3. Click Balance then Linked Deduction.

  4. The Select Payment Criteria window opens. Click Linked Deduction then select the deduction you want to link to the bank account.

  5. The deduction is now linked to the bank account. Click Go, then click Go again to return to the Direct Credits tab.

  6. Click the folder icon next the account you have just linked the deduction to.

  7. Click code and reference and enter the code and reference number you have been given (for example, by WINZ). These details appear at the recipient's end when funds are received, so that the recipient can correctly identify the payment.

  8. Click Go, and you're done!