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The system information utility provides information that you may be asked to provide when contacting our support staff.

To open the system information utility, click the Utilities button on the front screen, then click System Information.

Program Folder 

The location of the Ace Payroll program files on your computer. This is where upgrades are automatically installed, and is also the path if you set up a Windows shortcut.

Data Folder 

The location of the payroll data files that are currently in use.

Total Disk Space 

The total capacity of your hard drive.

Free Disk Space 

The free space left on your hard drive. It is rare for clients to report data writing errors, but these errors can be caused by not having enough free disk space.

Clock Calendar 

Ace Payroll relies very heavily on your system clock. This field should show the current time and date.

Windows Version 

The version of Windows you are using, as reported internally by your system.

Screen Pixels Per Inch

The number of pixels your screen displays per inch.

Dynamic screen Resolution 

Ace Payroll automatically sizes itself based on the screen resolution shown in this field.