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If your company business process requires employee to access the Supplier screen to view and maintain Supplier information, but you don’t want the employees to edit the Supplier Bank Accounts, then this knowledge base article will show you how to achieve that requirement.


Build 2021.117.400.6951 [21.117.0037] onward.


Configure user access rights to allow users to View Supplier Bank Account, but not Edit or Delete.


  1. Go to the screen Access Rights by Roles. On the top, select a user role where you would like to revoke the Edit/Delete access of the Supplier Bank Details for. Navigate to the “Suppliers” node under “Payables” folder or the “Purchases” folder. Set the Access Rights of the object “Payment Type Detail” to “View Only” and click Save.
  2. Users who have this role will now can only view the Supplier Bank Details on the Suppliers screen, provided that user does not have any other role that grant them the Edit or Delete access right to the same Payment Type Detail object. They will not be able to edit or delete the supplier bank details.

As always, please perform these configurations in a Test environment, verify that all the screens, reports and areas that might be affected by the change are working correctly before implementing in the production environment.