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  • 2. Determine any outstanding entitlements




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AccountRight Plus and Premier, Australia only

This is task 2 of 7 for processing a final pay (see previous task or an overview of all tasks).

To work out the employee's outstanding entitlements, such as unused leave, run the Entitlement Balance Detail report as at their final pay date.


To run the Entitlement Balance Detail report
  1. Go to the Reports menu and select Index to Reports. The Index to Reports window appears.
  2. Click the Payroll tab and select the Balance Detail report (under the Entitlements category).
  3. For the report's date range, enter the employee's final pay date in the To field and any earlier date in the Dated From field. For example, if their final pay date is 15 January, enter the date range of 1 January to 15 January.
  4. Click Display report. The report appears.
  5. In the Filters tab, type or select the employee’s name in the Employees field. The report display changes to show only the selected employee's entitlements.

  6. Check the Available Hours column to determine the total hours outstanding for each entitlement category (you'll need to know this when you record the employee's final pay). The total recorded in the card is displayed, as well as the pay run balance. These amounts should match, and the Difference field should show 0.00.

    If an amount appears in the Difference field, this means an amount has been entered in the pay history of the employee card for the entitlement. You will need to work out if the amount was entered in error, or if the amount should have been included in a previous pay run. You will then need to correct the error before processing the termination pay. 

  7. Print or save the report for your records.

  8. Proceed to the next task: Create payroll categories for termination payments.