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About activation

Activation is a way of protecting against potential piracy and provides you with the reassurance that you are using an authentic product that can be trusted with your business data. Activation occurs when you create a new company file or upgrade a company file from a previous version (2003 releases and prior).

The activation process authenticates your product serial number (which is stored in your company file) against the MYOB software database, and also records how many company files you’ve activated using that product serial number.

About confirmation

Confirmation follows activation and is a re-authentication of your product serial number against the MYOB software database. Confirmation is requested monthly to ensure you are using a licensed version. If you are asked to confirm your file more often than this, you may need to contact MYOB Support for assistance: 1300 555 151 (Australia) or 0800 60 69 62 (New Zealand). You can also confirm your company file at any time by going to the Help menu and choosing Confirm your Company File.

Note that none of your business data is transmitted during the activation or confirmation process. For more information, view MYOB’s Privacy Policy.

Ready to activate or confirm?

See Activate a company file or Confirm activated company files.

If you're having trouble, check our activation FAQs or learn how to fix activation and confirmation errors.

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