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If you've been invited to access an online AccountRight company file, you're in the right place. This topic explains how to accept the invitation, install AccountRight, then open the company file you've been invited to access.

Let's get started:

1. Accept the invitation (set up your MYOB account)

1. Accept the invitation (set up your MYOB account)

  1. Open the email you received and click the Accept Invitation link. A webpage opens where you will complete the acceptance process.
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions to accept.

    You'll be prompted to set up an email address and password, or to confirm your current MYOB account details as part of the acceptance process.

    The invitation email tells you what level of access you have:

    Invitation to work online email

For more information on what you can do in an online file, see Invite a user to an online file.

2. Install AccountRight

2. Install AccountRight

You don’t need to own AccountRight to work with an AccountRight file you’ve been invited to use. But you do need it installed on each computer that you want to access the online company file from.

For example, if you want to access the file from your home computer as well as the office computer, you need to install AccountRight on both computers.

You can download AccountRight here, then double-click the downloaded file to install. Need more details? See Install AccountRight.

Using an Apple Mac? AccountRight is designed for use on the Windows operating system. If you want to install AccountRight on an Apple Mac, you'll need to install Windows on your Mac first. You can do this using Boot Camp (a Mac utility that allows you to install other operating systems) or virtual software such as Parallels or WMware. Note that running AccountRight on virtual software may affect performance and speed. And while many users report a good experience, it's not tested or supported by MYOB.

3. Open the online company file

3. Open the online company file

  1. Double-click the AccountRight shortcut on your desktop to start AccountRight. The Welcome to AccountRight window appears.
    Welcome window with open a company file highlighted

  2. Click Open a company file. The Library Browser appears.
    Library browser Online section circled

  3. Click Online. The Sign in to MYOB window appears.
    MYOB sign in window

  4. Sign in using your MYOB account details. You will have set up these details when you accepted your invitation.

    If more than one person shares a computer, don't choose the Stay signed in for 12 hours option when entering your MYOB account details.

  5. If prompted, enter your two-factor authentication code.

    What's two-factor authentication? It's a means of securing your MYOB account so it can't be accessed fraudulently. For all the details, see Two-factor authentication.

  6. In the Company files online list, double-click the company file you've been invited to access, or select it and click Open.

  7. If prompted, sign in with your company file User ID and Password. If you don’t know these details, contact the person who invited you.

    The Command Centre appears. You can now work on the online company file.