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If there's a temporary problem connecting to your online file, you can still view the read-only copy of your online file.

The read-only copy will be current as at the last time it was synchronised. You can use this file to view transactions and records, and to print reports and forms, but you can’t make changes to the file.

If your online file is inaccessible for a while and you have urgent changes to make, learn how to work on an offline copy of your file.

A read-only file will only be accessible if automatic synchronisation is enabled on your computer, or you manually synchronise your online company file. Learn about synchronising a company file.

To view a read-only copy of your online file

To view a read-only copy of your online file

  1. Start AccountRight and click Open in the Welcome window.

    The Library Browser appears.
  2. Click Online. If you're not signed in already, sign in to your MYOB account.
    online company file in library browser with last sync date

  3. In the list of online company files, find the company file you want to open. The Last Sync column shows the date (or time, if synchronised today) that each company file was last synchronised.

    If your company file doesn't appear in the list, this means that a read-only copy of your online company file isn't available for you to view on this computer. You won't be able to continue with this procedure, and you'll need to wait until your internet connection becomes available again.

  4. Right-click the company name of the file you want to view and select View a read-only copy (offline).
  5. Sign on to the company file.

When you are able to connect to your online file again, just open it the way you normally would.