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AccountRight Plus and Premier, Australia only

Want to add employees to Pay Super payments? This topic explains how to add super payment authorisers. If you've got a new employee, see Add a new employee to Pay Super payments.


Before you can add a Pay Super authoriser

If you haven't yet signed up for Pay Super, check that each user who needs access to the Pay Super features has accepted an invitation to be an online file user or online administrator of your file. Need to invite a user to your file?

To add a Pay Super authoriser

To change user details online, you need to be a Pay Super Administrator with a verified mobile number.

Don't have a Pay Super Administrator in your business? Download the Pay Super Change of Details form, complete it and return it to to process.

  1. Go to the Pay Superannuation window in the Payroll command centre.
  2. Click Pay Super Settings.
  3. If you’re prompted, enter your MYOB account details. Your current Pay Super details are displayed.
  4. Go to the Your User Roles section and click Edit details. An SMS code will be sent to your verified mobile phone number.
  5. Enter the SMS code.
    Note that the code will expire after 30 minutes. Click Resend code if your code expires.
  6. You can now add and remove users, or change their Pay Super roles. A new user will receive an email to verify their mobile.

    Note that if you want to remove a user’s access to Pay Super, select the None option.

    See below for details of the different Pay Super roles.

If a user has changed their name, email address or mobile number, they will need to update their contact details themselves using the my.MYOB website. You can't change these details for them.

Important: If an authoriser or Pay Super Administrator changes their mobile number you'll need to notify the Pay Super team using the Pay Super Change of Details form so they can verify the mobile number.

Pay Super roles

These are the super payment roles you can assign to each user who will access Pay Super features: 

RoleViewRecordAuthorise paymentsChange details onlineNotes
CreatorYesYesNoNoThis role is appropriate for users who are not signatories to your business bank account.
AuthoriserYesYesYesNoUsers with this role can authorise direct debits from your business bank account—keep this in mind when assigning them. Authorisers will need to approve recorded super payments before they can be paid. For each payment they'll need to sign into AccountRight with their My Account details and enter the authorisation code MYOB sends them by SMS.
Pay Super AdministratorYesYesYesYesJust like an Authoriser, a Pay Super Administrator with a verified mobile number can view, record and authorise super payments. They can also change some Pay Super details, such as the payment limit, online.
NoneNoNoNoNoAssign this role to users who should not have access to any Pay Super features.