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(Spend Money and Receive Money rules only)

You can allocate payments in rules that you've set up to one or more accounts, jobs, or tax codes. You can allocate payments by percentage or by a dollar amount (click the Allocate column to switch between percentage or dollar amount allocations).

For example, you can allocate your telephone bills to multiple jobs, or split sales income between different sales accounts and departments.


Example: Allocating a credit card merchant fee

Example: Allocating a credit card merchant fee

To account for bank charges or merchant fees, or to track interest on a bank loan, you can also allocate negative percentages and negative amounts in a rule.

Example: Clearwater receives a regular credit card payment for servicing a customer’s water coolers. The amount of the payment varies, but a merchant fee of 1.5 percent is always deducted from the payment before it is deposited into Clearwater’s account. The rule set up below shows an allocation for the payment and a negative allocation of 1.5 percent for the merchant fee:

Receive money rule with values highlighted

Note that as the total percentage allocated must equal 100, the percentage allocated for the service payment is 101.5 percent.

In October, Clearwater received a payment of $443.96. When the rule is approved, the following transaction is created:

Receive money transaction with amount split across 2 lines 

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