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If you want to quickly enter budget figures for a group of months, you can use the Budget Shortcuts window. You can use this window to enter quarterly, half-yearly and yearly budgets. You can also enter a budget that increases or decreases by a specific amount every month.


To enter a budget using the Budget Shortcuts window

To enter a budget using the Budget Shortcuts window

  1. Go to the Accounts command centre and click Accounts List. The Accounts List window appears.
  2. Click Budgets. The Prepare Budgets window appears.
  3. Select the account you want to enter the budget for.
  4. Click Shortcuts. The Budget Shortcuts window appears.
  5. From the Budget for list, select a time period:

    The fields change according to the period you select.

    Select…If you want to…
    Each MonthEnter the same amount for every month of the year or a set increase or decrease every month (starting from a base amount).
    Period starting from selected MonthEnter a total amount for a group of consecutive months.
    Each QuarterEnter the total amount for each quarter.
    Each half of the Financial YearEnter the total amount for each half of the year.
    Financial Year yyyyEnter the total amount for the entire financial year, (where yyyy is your financial year).
  6. Enter the budget amounts in the appropriate fields. Amounts that cover more than one month (such as quarterly, half-yearly and yearly amounts, and amounts for a group of months) will be divided equally among all the months in the group.
    If you selected the Each Month option, you can also set a base budget amount for the first month, and the amount or percentage by which this will vary every month onwards.
  7. When you have finished entering the information, click OK. The Prepare Budgets window appears with the new amounts.
    If the account already has budget figures, a message appears asking if you want to replace the existing budget. Click Yes to replace the budget, or No if you want to keep the existing amounts (if you click No, click Cancel to return to the Prepare Budgets window).
    If you have not entered any amounts for the budget, a message appears asking if you want to enter zero amounts. Click Yes if you want to do this, or No if you want to change the amounts.