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You can make changes to records, like your accounts, cards or items, whenever you want to. If you need to change a transaction, see Changing a transaction.

If you change the details of a record that does not affect a transaction’s balance (for example, changing a customer name), then all the transactions you’ve entered using that record are updated.

If you make changes to a record that do affect a transaction’s balance (such as an item’s selling price or the rate of a tax code) transactions you’ve entered previously using that record won't be updated. The change will only apply to future transactions.

For example, if you change an item’s selling price from $6 to $8, transactions you’ve recorded with the old price will retain that price. The new price applies to any new transactions you enter.


To change a record

To change a record

  1. Display the list to which the record belongs. For example, if you are making changes to an account, display the Accounts List window; if you are changing an item, display the Items List window, and so on.
  2. Locate the record you want to change in the list. Use a search method described in Finding a record, if necessary.
  3. Once you locate the record, click the zoom arrow (   ) next to it. Details of the record are displayed.
  4. Make the required changes and click OK.