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The JobKeeper scheme has now finished

If you had employees being paid under JobKeeper right up to the end of the scheme on 28 March 2021, there's nothing you need to do in AccountRight (you don't need to select a Final Fortnight for those employees). Just remember to complete your final monthly business declaration for March by 14 April 2021.

For key dates and actions for employers, see the ATO website.

Under the government's JobKeeper extension, a tiered payment rate applies to eligible employees. This is different from the original JobKeeper payment where a flat rate was used.

Here are the two tier levels, who they apply to and when they apply:

The 80-hour threshold is based on certain payroll categories. For clarification of what counts toward the 80-hour threshold, check the ATO's information.

You need to notify the ATO of your employees' tier levels. To help you make a decision, there's a list of suggested tier levels you can view from the Payroll Reporting Centre. You can also learn more about these tiers and payment rates on the ATO website.

If you don't notify the ATO of an employee's tier level, you won't be reimbursed for their JobKeeper payments.

Once you've confirmed each employee's tier level, you can assign those tiers and notify the ATO.


To choose tier levels

You can view a list of suggested tier levels for your employees based on their payroll information. These suggestions are based on details like pay basis (salary or hourly), employment status (full time, part time or casual), and pay runs processed in February or June.

Because each business is different, the way employees are set up and paid will always vary. This means that sometimes a tier level can't be suggested. In these cases, and to confirm the suggestions, you can check the employee's payroll details to determine their tier level.

To view JobKeeper tier suggestions:

  1. If it isn't already, open the Payroll reporting centre (Payroll command centre > Payroll Reporting > Payroll Reporting Centre).
  2. Click the JobKeeper payments tab.
  3. Click View JobKeeper tier suggestions (PDF).
  4. Select the employees to include in the report.
  5. Click View report. The report opens displaying the hours worked for February and/or June. Where possible, a tier level will be suggested for each employee. Here's an example:

    Seeing a blank report?  If your company file isn't online, you'll need to manually confirm your employee tier levels - see below for details.

Confirming employee tier levels

Where possible, the above report will suggest employee tiers, but it's up to you to notify the ATO of the correct tiers for your employees.

Here are some tips for gathering information about your employees to help work out their tier levels. You should also check the ATO's information about the 80-hour threshold for employees for help determining tier levels.

  • Check their employee card (Card File command centre > Cards List > Employee tab > click to open a card > Payroll Details tab)
    • Check their Employment Status - are they full time, part time or casual? (Personal Details tab > Employment Status)
    • Check their Pay Basis - are they on a salary or paid hourly? (Wages tab > Pay Basis)
    • Check their Standard Pay - how often are they paid, for how many hours, and what types of payments do they receive? (Standard Pay tab)
  • Run the Payroll Advice report to see the hours paid and which payment types (payroll categories) they were paid in each pay period in February or June (Reports menu > Index to Reports > Payroll tab > Payroll Advice)
  • Run the Activity Detail report to see details of what each employee was paid for the months of February and June (Reports menu > Index to Reports > Payroll tab > Activity Detail)
To assign tier levels to your employees

Once you've confirmed your employees' tier levels, you can assign those tiers and notify the ATO.

  1. If it isn't already, open the Payroll reporting centre (Payroll command centre > Payroll Reporting > Payroll Reporting Centre).
  2. Click the JobKeeper payments tab.
  3. Select each eligible employee and choose their Employee tier.
  4. Click Notify the ATO.

Let your employees know

You need to advise your employees of the tiers you've assigned them and the associated payment rate within 7 days of notifying the ATO.

You'll see the tiers you've submitted for your employees on the JobKeeper summary report which you'll use for your Monthly JobKeeper declarations.

Learn more about managing JobKeeper payments in AccountRight.


What if I've submitted the wrong tier for an employee?

What if I've submitted the wrong tier for an employee?

You can change the employee's tier in the Payroll Reporting Centre and notify the ATO—the same way you submitted their original tier. See above for steps.